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Ignacio "Nacho" Pradal


One Of River Plate Wingshooting Lodge
Hunting & Fishing Trip Lodge
Argentina Mix Bag Duck Hunting, Dove Hunting & Partridge
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Santa Rosa lodge is located approximately 150 miles or 2 ½ hour northwest from Buenos Aires’s airport. Situated within the Entre Rios agricultural area where thousands of acres are planted in corn, wheat, sunflowers and sorghum annually which provides the perfect habitat to hold birds on the property. There are 5 shooting areas on the property, all of which are within 20-45 minutes of the Lodge. This combination of roosting, nesting and foraging habitat provides the key elements necessary to provide the best and most conveniently located dove shooting destination This wonderful place offers the best international cooking, with traditional dishes and the typical barbecue, grilled beef, ribs, sausages, with the best cuts of meat, all this served with famous Argentina Wines. Guests will be able to enjoy the best quality and service. This wonderful place has eight bedrooms, each with private bathroom, air conditioning system and central heating; the furniture is old fashioned, rustic made in wood and iron.

The park is fenced by big trees and a lovely stream.


One Of River Plate Wingshooting
Hunting Lodge
Argentina Mix Bag Duck Hunting, Dove Hunting & Partridge

Ducks Description

A variety of factors climate, population, local flavor and more have come together to make this location one of the PREMIER DUCK HUNTING SPOTS IN ARGENTINA and the world over. The climate is mild, vast areas of crop lan speckled with DUCK ponds and little if any local hunting pressure, create the prefect location for you duck hunting vacation. ARGENTINA DUCK HUNTING is world class trip that you have to expierence.
Just 2 1/2 hours from Buenos Aires international airport, in the South of Entre Rios, there is a unique marsh sytems with three different water levels, it is a duck hunting paradise, hight quality farmlands mixed with marshes, ponds and rivers provide the perfect balance of feeding grounds and nesting habitat. With so few local duck hunters, this are has become one of the BEST DUCK HUNTING SPOTS in the WORLD.
You will be hunting over decoys on blinds, which are easily accesible. There is seldom a need to take a boat or wade through treacherous muck or do any walking at all. Hunters simply step out of the vehicle into the blind. It is not and exaggeration to say you can shoot one box of shell every 10-15 minutes.

All year Round

Dove shooting in Argentina is an activity that must be experienced rather than explained. Argentina is a very big country, which provides a great variety of scenarios that allow US To Offer you the best high- volume doves. It takes place in the central region. A beautiful, unspoiled landscape featuring uncrowned vistas. A comfortable, temperate climate. A land of friendly, gracious people. Wonderful hospitality. Savory, abundant cuisine enjoyed with tantalizingly delicious Argentina wines.. The season is open all year without bag limits.

The Eared Dove is considered a plague in Argentina, firtile fields of grain provided you a limited doves shooting experience. after several season of high volume dove shooting experience in Entre Rios province, it is not an exaggeration to say that You-can’t-load-your-gun-fast-enough", NONSTOP ACTION from sunrise to sunset. More doves than you can possibly even begin to shoot at. Shooting so fast and furious that you must tape your fingers and wear leather shooting gloves so that you don’t burn your hands as your shotgun barrel really heats up. Shooters can expect to shoot from 40-80 boxes of shells per day.This is HIGH-VOLUME dove shooting.
The way we treat you as our client combines personal treatment, comfort and security and this will secure you remember your hunt with great pleasure.


Afternoons are generally reserved for the dove shooting. However, you are also able to have the opportunity to hunt perdiz over crackerjack with well trained dog.
Perdiz hunts can be done in the morning instead of ducks or you can add it after the dove shooting during the afternoon.

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